3rd Grade Information

Snack Each morning we will be taking a short break. Your child is encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to eat. Some great choices would be granola bars, fruit, crackers, cheese, dry cereal or popcorn. Candy, cookies and chips are not allowed. In addition, students are encouraged to bring water bottles to be used throughout the day.

Sharing Students will have regular sharing opportunities. Some weeks there may be specific sharing topics, while others will be student choice.

Specialists Music and Phy. Ed. will alternate every other day. Spanish, Computer, and Library meet weekly.

Birthdays We really enjoy celebrating birthdays or ½ birthdays if your child has a summer birthday. If you would like to send a treat, let me know a day ahead of time what the treat will be and when you will be bringing it in. Please do not send birthday invitations to school to be handed out.

Book Orders Book orders will come home once a month. Please make the check payable to Scholastic. Please do not make checks payable to St. Mary’s or me. The date the book order is due will be printed on the forms.

Appointments Please send a note with your child if they have an appointment during the school day. Also, check in the office before you leave and when you get back.

Absences Please let the office know if your child is absent.

Discipline We expect third graders to come to our classroom knowing appropriate classroom behavior. We have a point system in which the class can earn points for appropriate behavior. When they earn 25 points the students get to choose a whole class reward such as an extra recess, game time, popcorn party, etc. On an individual basis, students will be recognized for above-the-line behavior. In the event of below-the-line behavior, your child and I will discuss the behavior. If it is a behavior that warrants your attention, your child will complete a form stating their behavior and plans to fix it. The form will be signed by both you and your child and returned the next day.

Homework When homework is given we expect it to be completed. The responsibility for homework is learned. Your child will record all assignments in a daily assignment notebook. Please review this notebook daily, and then sign it and have your child return it to school. It will be noted in the assignment notebook if your child has late or incomplete work.